4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn’t Get Along With Each Other


4 Times The TVD Universe Actors Didn't Get Along With Each Other
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While on the show, Paul Wesley & Matthew Davis never got into any sort of disagreement or spat and got along pretty well, but thanks to the Internet, they had a clash of opinions. Politics has resulted in disagreements of opinions between family, friends, and partners. So this feud happened between the TVD co-stars when Matthew Davis expressed his opinion about the Vice Presidential Debate and took the side of Mike Pence, Davis said that the moderator should let Mike finish his point and stop interrupting.

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Paul Wesley responded to the tweet of his fellow star saying Mike should stop diverting from the topic. Things quickly escalated when Davis said that his fellow co-star Paul likes voting for the losers and his opinion doesn’t carry any weight. Paul responded to Matthew with a hilarious messaging saying ‘Alaric drank some Vervain’. Davis took a swing at the fans of Paul who were standing in the support of the actor. The actor shared screenshots of the fans’ messages. Paul defended his fans and said that Davis is better than that. Paul took the high road and ended the conversation with a tweet tagging Matthew which reads that he loves his fellow actor. Davis responded with an apology and said that he’ll be taking a break from Twitter.


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Even though Delena was the endgame, but many fans to this very day believe Stelena should have been the endgame. The chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev was nothing short of magical, it was pretty special. Numerous famous celebrities and fellow members of TVD called themselves Stelena fans. But a big shocker came when Nina Dobrev revealed in a podcast that she didn’t like Paul Wesley when they first starting filming Vampire Diaries. The actress said that she respected Paul, but simply didn’t like him. Nina said that she would be approached by people asking if she and Paul are dating? Because everyone felt that their chemistry was that good. There definitely must be something. But in reality, there’s a fine line between hate and love.

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The actress said that they both despised each other to the extent that it was read as love. Nina revealed that her and Paul didn’t get along for the first 5 months of TVD. However, the duo would soon become close friends. Nina revealed a moment that she shared with Paul where he looked at her and told her ‘Ten years from now, you are going to really miss. You’ll miss these times…we will appreciate each other a lot more in the coming ten years’. Nina felt connected to Paul at this moment and says he was totally right. The actress shares a close friendship with her TVD co-star now. She said that they ended up in a good place, they are good friends, and hang out a lot.

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