5 Abandoned Amusement Parks With Horrific Histories

Welcome to Humor Nation. Amusement parks are built for thrill and entertainment with various features, such as theme parks, snow parks, water parks. They give us lots of memories and a big smile on our faces. But there are some parks that shrouded in mystery and misfortune, causing fear and shivers instead.

So Here Is The List Of 5 Abandoned Amusement Parks With Horrific Histories.

1. Holy Land, USA

Holy Land was originally opened in the year 1960. The theme park contained replicas of famous biblical scenes, including the Last Supper, Garden of Eden, and an inn featuring a “no vacancy” sign. The park saw more than 50,000 visitors each year until it was opened. In the year 1984, John Baptist Greco closed the park in order to expand it. But before the park reopened Greco died and the park was bequeathed to a group of nuns who maintained the grounds but never reopened it. In the year 2010, Chloe Ottman and her friend Francisco Cruz decided to explore a park and both had been friends for a couple of years. Chloe clearly thought to have fun for a night and underage drinking at the old park but Cruz had a different motive and he wanted to get physical with her and when she refused to make physical relation, he forced himself on her and killed her, stabbing her in the neck. He was charged with capital felony, murder, and sexual assault and sentenced to fifty-five years in prison for his brutal act, leaving the park with a more sinister reputation.

5 Abandoned Amusement Parks With Horrific Histories.

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2. Gulliver’s Kingdom

Gulliver’s Kingdom is located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. This was one of the most interesting parks based on the Jonathan Swift book, cost $350 million to build and featured a forty-five-meter long statue of Gulliver himself, with the main attraction being a bobsled ride, making it not exactly your typical amusement park. However, the location of the park was one of the largest failures, right next to the park is Aokigahara Forest which is considered the second most suicide location in San Francisco. The groups behind the Sarin gas attacks also had their headquarters and nerve gas production facility in the nearby village of Kamikuishiki. The park was closed in the year 2007 because the visitors and residential claims that the smell of the chemical was came in the ground of the park.

5 Abandoned Amusement Parks With Horrific Histories.

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