5 Most Absurd & Illogical Bollywood Movie Scenes!

hilarious Bollywood movie logics
Bollywood sometimes doesn't disappoint you with their crazy logic. Here is the list of most absurd but hilarious Bollywood movie logics.

We have definitely come a long way from illogical logics and absurd fighting scenes that had gone through for many generations. But Bollywood sometimes doesn’t disappoint you with their crazy logic and theories. Discussing some of the most absurd moments here is the list of most absurd but hilarious Bollywood movie logics.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Most Absurd & Illogical Bollywood Movie Scenes.

1. The Baby Comes To Life Because of ‘All Is Well’ In Three Idiots.

There is no doubt that this movie was a masterpiece, but one scene that took logic out of the window in one scene. When Mona Singh’s character is giving birth and Rancho is carrying out the delivery. As the baby is born, there is fear that the baby doesn’t breath or make a sound. But using the tagline ‘All Is Well’ revived the baby at an instant. This is disgusting!

2. The shoulder dislocation in Dhishoom.

In this Indian action comedy that revolves around two Special Task Force officers and the world of match-fixing. Sakib Salim’s character, Viraj Sharma dislocates his shoulder and evidently cannot play the match. But, there is always a solution guys. Crack your shoulder as hard as you can on a concrete wall and you can play cricket like Virat Kohli.

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3. The Brain Hemorrhage In Rowdy Rathore.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Shiva and DIG Vikram Rathore. This over-the-top action comedy Rathore gets hit by an auto and his brain gets severe trauma. The doctor tells him that the brain injury is serious enough to put his life in danger. The injury gets worse as he is involved in multiple fights but the injury somehow seems to vanish completely when the water is poured on his head.

4. Amazing Cure Of Heart Attack In Clerk.

A totally absurd ideological movie is the Clerk. The movie is written, directed, produced, edited and starring Manoj Kumar. In this film, there is an honest clerk Bharat, who along with his family faces immense poverty. Ashok Kumar is having a heart attack and Manoj Kumar’s character Bharat has the perfect solution. Instead of calling a doctor, the home remedy is to play a patriotic song and Ashok kumar started dancing. Suddenly, you see Ashok Kumar is having the time of his life after a painful heart attack as if he’s in an EDM concert.

5. Brain Transplant In Diya Aur Toofan.

If this movie wasn’t bad enough the fact that the creators carried on with the logic and said the entire premise of it is beyond hilarious. Mithun’s character got killed and listening to the depressing news, Asha injures herself badly and gets massive head trauma. The genius, Suresh Oberoi takes out immerse brain which is the size of a small lays packet, puts it in a microwave looking liked fries and to revive Asha transplanted it to her body and now she literally is fine and behaving like Amar. This scene has crossed every limit of stupidity.

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