5 Actors Who Appeared On Vampire Diaries Before Becoming Famous

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Only a few actors are lucky enough to earn the opportunity of a lifetime by getting a break on a popular show. When the Vampire Diaries first aired, it became the most hit show on the CW Network. The show featured numerous new comers who went on to become household names. Vampire Diaries has provided a platform to various actors who would soon become global sensation.

The profession of acting is a serious business. While on the outside, the fame and the limelight gives the audiences an impression that this sensational career isn’t as difficult as compared to professions such as human resources, marketing, engineering, and lot others. But it’s only when you step in front of you a camera that you truly find out how challenging acting is. From getting into the skin of the character, learning the dialogues to displaying the right expressions, there’s a whole lot that goes into the process of becoming an actor. There are courses available in which one could enroll, and after a formal training of 3-5 years, one could move a step closer to calling himself/herself a professional actor. But getting a break in the industry is the hardest part, there’s a cut-throat competition, there’s no dearth of the talent in the industry.

So Take A Look At 5 Actors Who Appeared On Vampire Diaries Before Becoming FamousĀ 


The CW

Stephen Amell is one of the widely recognized television actors. He rose to fame for his role of Oliver Queen/DC on the Superhero show named Arrow which aired on the CW Network. The show would mark the beginning of the Arrowverse which would connect several TV shows aired on same network, based on DC comic characters. The actor also played the role of the vigilante Casey Jones in the TMNT: Out of the Shadows. Not only acting, Stephen has tried his hands at professional wrestling too, having competed in WWE and ROH. But his success didn’t happen overnight, the actor started his career with small and recurring roles in any show that he could find.

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Only a few fans know that Stephen Amell appeared in the second season of the TVD. He played a werewolf named Brady, part of the werewolf pack of Jules. After Tyler’s uncle Mason goes missing, Brandy and the wolves arrive in Mystic Fals to find out what happened to their friend. After learning that Damon killed Mason, they vow to exact revenge and get into a fight with the Salvatores. Brady would meet his demise when he tried harming Elena, believing she could be the key to end Sun and Moon curse, not realizing that it was only a myth.


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