5 Actors Who Have Appeared In Both Supernatural & Lucifer

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lucifer and Supernatural are two shows that have ended, but they still remain as popular as ever. Both the shows have built a tremendous fan community ever since they started airing. It was due to its fanbase that Supernatural has managed to last for 15 years and it were the fans who saved Lucifer and gave it a new life through their online revolution. Both the show share numerous similarities in terms of its storytelling and characters. Some characters are even same in terms of their backstory, powers & abilities, but the character’s portrayal is different. Lucifer has featured numerous nods and references to Supernatural. Whereas Supernatural was the first to mention Lucifer in its Season 11 Episode 10 where SPN’s Lucifer makes a reference to WB’s Lucifer.

So Take A Look At 5 Actors Who Have Appeared In Both Supernatural & Lucifer



Tricia Helfer is best known for her work in Battlestar Galactica, Ascension, and various other projects. While the fans of Lucifer will forever know her as Charlotte Richards/Goddess who joined the cast of the show in Season 2. Lucifer’s mom who has been trapped in the underworld for eons, but she escaped hell and came to Earth, reuniting with her children. The Goddess would move to an alternate Universe where she’ll create her own world leaving behind the body of Charlotte Richards back who starts living a righteous life since then. Did you know Tricia Helfer appeared in Supernatural Season 2 episode ‘Roadkill’. Tricia played a character named Molly McNamara who was unaware about her demise and would reappear every year on a haunted highway looking for her husband.


5 Actors Who Have Appeared In Both Supernatural & Lucifer

Rob Benedict is best known for his role of CHUCK Aka God in the Supernatural. He first appeared in the season 3 where the fans believed him to be a Prophet, but in Season 5 finale, we learned that he is in fact the omnipotent God who turned out to be the major antagonist of the show. Interestingly, SPN isn’t the show where he played a villain. In Lucifer Season 6, he was cast in the role of Vincent Le Mec, a Mercenary who was tasked with finding the Flaming Sword key by Michael, he ended up harming Dan Espinoza in the process. He would then abduct Aurora Morningstar, bringing Lucifer to his knees. His soul ends up in hell where Lucifer takes him under his therapy, helps him and the others in healing and dealing with their guilt.


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