5 Actresses Who Flopped Their Careers By Choosing To Work With Salman Khan

Welcome to Humor Nation. Bollywood is a huge gamble. You just can’t be sure as to which movie would be a chartbuster and which one would go down the drain. Our very own celebs play an important role in this gamble, well, take Salman Khan for one.

Salman Khan has introduced a good number of actresses to the industry but only a few of them could make it to the top.

Let me present to you 5 actresses who debuted their way to flops with Salman Khan

1. Athiya Shetty

Salman Khan launched Athiya Shetty in Hero in 2015. Although it was Salman’s first home production and featured two-star kids, it did not do wonders at the box office. Sorry, Athiya!

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2. Daisy Shah

The choreographer-turned-actress, Daisy Shah was introduced in movies by Salman Khan. Her first movie with the actor was Jai Ho which had hit the cinema halls in 2014. However, the movie was a flop and Daisy has been trying to survive in Bollywood ever since. All the best Daisy! She later appeared in Race 3 alongside Salman which again was a flop.

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