5 Amusing And Unknown Facts About The Vampire Diaries


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The cast of the Vampire Diaries is multitalented. They are not just great actors, but brilliant musicians, singers, and some are skilled directors too. Did you know that several TVD cast members have directed episodes of Vampire Diaries & Originals. Joseph Morgan who played Klaus in the TVD Universe has directed a total of 3 Originals episodes whereas Daniel Gillies has directed 2 Originals Episodes. Whereas Ian Somerhalder has directed 3 episodes of Vampire Diaries and Paul Wesley has directed a total of 6 episodes, 5 TVD episodes and one episode of the Legacies. Paul and Ian revealed in an interview that if TVD ever gets a reboot then they would be interested in directing the episodes rather than acting in it.


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The pilot episode of the Vampire Diaries was filmed in the Vancouver of Canada, but the filming was eventually moved to the city of Covington located in Georgia. This is done to avail the tax incentives. It is the communities located in Covington and Greater Atlanta which mirror the town of Mystic Falls. Did you know that in 2012, there was a fire in the Clark Street which served as the Mystic Grill on the Vampire Diaries.


The CW

There was immense competition for the role of Damon Salvatore. Several actors such as Paul Wesley, Nathaniel. Zach auditioned for the part, but didn’t get it. Did you know Stephen Amell who is best known for his role of Oliver Queen auditioned for the part of Mason and Elijah, but he got the role of the werewolf Brady. Interestingly, Alexandra Chando auditioned multiple times for the role of Elena, but she ended up getting a small cameo role in Season 8. Paul Wesley’s then wife Torrey DeVitto also auditioned for the rolf of Elena, but she got cast as Meredith Fell in Season 3. Also, Claire Holt who got cast as Rebekah Mikaelson didn’t audition for the role of Rebekah. She got selected through a different audition which she did for the Kevin Williamson’s show. Michaela who played the werewolf Jules in Season 2 originally auditioned for the role of the vampire Rose. The Network had desired to get Ashley Tisdale or Ashlee Simpson for the role of Elena Gilbert, but the role went to Nina Dobrev.

What do you think would have happened if some other got cast in the role of your favorite character? Do share your opinions with us.

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