5 Angels That We Will Meet In The Season 5 Of Lucifer

Welcome to Humor Nation. What’s the most interesting way to make a police procedural drama more fun? You introduce the devil himself on the show! Now when we talk about the devil, it’s not just Lucifer, but plenty of other Biblical characters. Although the show Lucifer differs greatly from the Sandman comics, it certainly justifies its source material to an extent. We have encountered five angels so far on the show. But there are plenty of other archangels who are yet to be seen. So let’s take a look at the angels that we might see in season 5.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Angels That We Will Meet In The Season 5 Of Lucifer!


5 Angels That We Will Meet In The Season 5 Of Lucifer

Sandalphon is a fallen angel who sided with the devil during his revolution against Heaven. Michael was ultimately defeated by Michael. He tried creating an army of angels to attack Heaven again. It’s hard to introduce his character this late on the show. The character of Dromos was similar to him in terms of motivations.

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Meleos created the Basanos, a living Tarot deck while copying from the book of destiny. But it was his passion and love for the art which became his downfall. Eventually, Basanos developed a mind of his own and he broke free of the control of Meleos and almost destroyed the universe.

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