5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Did you know that Lucifer and Supernatural are related in numerous ways. Both the shows are Supernatural dramas that features celestial beings and supernatural creatures. Before Lucifer’s pilot was aired, the Lucifer from Supernatural made a reference to the show. Even though the Lucifers in both of the show are completely different, but what connects them is the actor Rob Benedict. Rob played the role of God on Supernatural while he played the villain Vincent Le Mec on Lucifer who shoots Dan Espinoza and kidnaps Rory in the finale episode. Do let us know which show do you like more?

So Take A Look At 5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!


5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!

If you remember the first few episodes of Lucifer from Season 1 then you will see that Lucifer sounds quite different from his usual self. He sounds more like his twin brother Michael. This was because when the show started Tom Ellis was trying to understand the character better, he was still figuring out the character’s personality and was getting into his skin. After a while, he found the right tone, pitch, and accent for his Lucifer. Tom Ellis’ Lucifer has a British accent on the show. The credit for this goes to the actor himself because he believed that with a British accent, one could easily get away saying the most reprehensible things that would have been nearly impossible saying without an accent. Plus people do find the British accent quite charming. Lucifer was supposed to be American, but when the actor tried the American accent, it wasn’t entertaining.

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5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!

Season 3 of the Lucifer introduced us to the character of Marcus Pierce who is actually Cain, the world’s first killer. He was the main antagonist of Season 3 and definitely proved to be too much at times. Chloe Decker almost married him and he easily managed to outsmart Lucifer several times. Tom Welling who portrayed Cain did a tremendous job. But it wasn’t easy to get the actor on board, convincing the Smallville actor to return to acting was quite difficult. But the creators successfully got him into the show. They also placed a few Superman references subtly for the actor. Tom would reprise his iconic role of Clark Kent again in the DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths TV crossover. It was definitely the perfect send-off to his character.


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