5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!



You might very well know that Lucifer Morningstar is a DC character who first appeared in the Sandman comic written by the Neil Gaiman. Even though the character of Lucifer has made numerous appearances in different guises in the DC comics. But Neil’s version was mainly based on John Milton’s classic Paradise Lost. Neil Gaiman wanted Lucifer to resemble the legendary David Bowie. If you have read the comics then you will find out that the character of Lucifer in his appearances and mannerisms resemble Bowie a lot. Not always the original creator is a fan of the adaptation of his source material, but Neil definitely approves Lucifer. He described the Tom’s version as a ‘bad and charming Doctor who’. The writer has also done a voice-over for an episode and there have been numerous references to him in the show.


5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Lucifer That The Fans Might Not Know!

Now it’s nearly impossible to imagine any other actor in the world doing justice to the character of Lucifer Morningstar other than Tom Ellis. The actor has played a variety of roles in the past prior to Lucifer. But the actor enjoys the comic roles more than drama or serious roles. He believes having some humor while working makes the process easy. The actor also had an interesting inspiration to play the devil, he compared his portrayal to Oscar Wilde. Tom Ellis once revealed that kids weren’t really impressed with his work. It didn’t really catch their attention. We hope that’s changed now.



The show creator Joe Henderson revealed that the Network allowed them to get away with a cliffhanger in Season 1 finale which was quite surprising. Usually, Networks don’t let new shows go with the cliffhangers because there’s always a possibility that the show might not perform well and therefore would get cancelled. However, in Season 3 when the creators had a big cliffhanger in order to progress the story in a significant way, but the Network cancelled the show. Season 3 aired two additional episodes which were originally planned to aired in Season 4.

Even thought the episodes were meant to be fillers for Season 4, they didn’t move forward the main story, but were entertaining nonetheless. The creators learned from what happened in the past and therefore they believed Season 5 on Netflix would be the final season of the Lucifer. They gave everything, ranging from dramatic moments, humor, jokes, references, character arcs, no wonder Season 5 is the best out of all seasons. But Netflix renewed the show for a final season.

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