5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Supernatural That Are Simply Amazing

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. This is yet another article in our series of amazing Supernatural facts. The show lasted for 15 years, but in those 15 years it managed to create everlasting moments that will stay with us forever. The CW’s fantasy drama that follows the tale of two brothers started in 2005 and finally concluded in 2021. In those 15 years, numerous things have happened on the screen and a whole lot has also happened behind the screens that only the hardcore fans are aware of. Through the fan feasts and fan conventions, where the cast spilled out the secrets and hilarious incidents that took place behind the screen, the fans became aware of stuff that is just as entertaining as the on-screen storylines.

So Take A Look At 6 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Supernatural That Are Simply Amazing


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The attire of Sam and Dean Winchester is iconic. Almost every fan has tried cosplaying them. One of the significant part of Dean’s clothing was the leather Jacket that he wore in the earlier seasons. The leather Jacket has been passed on to Dean from his father John. But at the start of Season 6, there was a change in Dean’s attire, no longer he was seen wearing the jacket. It turns out sometime between S5 and S6, the jacket was stole. The cast of SPN was in LA doing a photoshoot and the crew flew the wardrobe of the characters for the shoot from Vancouver. And the Jacket went missing along with one of Castiel’s trench coats, they were assumed to be stolen. Or maybe some lucky SPN fan found it at the lost baggage section, we can only hope.

5 Interesting Supernatural Facts That Only The Crazy Fans Are Aware Of


5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Supernatural That Are Simply Amazing
The CW

Along with Castiel, his signature trench coat has also become an integral part of the show. Castiel grew to like his attire which made him look stylish. Throughout the Supernatural, he could be seen wearing it. But did you know that there have been three different versions of the trench coat that Castiel wore. He changed his classic trench coat that he wore since Season 4 despite dying and being resurrected again. The change happened in Season 9 . This one was much simpler and darker compared to the previous one. And the final change happened in Season 13 when Castiel is resurrected by the Shadow in the Empty. This new version looks somewhat similar to the first one. This change happened because Castiel’s clothing was burned along with his vessel.


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