5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Supernatural That Are Simply Amazing


5 Behind The Scenes Facts Of Supernatural That Are Simply Amazing
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The signature trench coat and style of the heaven’s favorite angel is inspired from a DC Character. The creator Eric Kripke based the look of Castiel on John Constantine. In Season 14 Episode Lebanon, the angel Zachariah makes a reference to the similarity by calling Castiel as Constantine. While Supernatural aired first, Constantine based on the Hellblazer comics would air almost a decade later. This had many viewers confused who believed that John Constantine has copied the wardrobe of Supernatural’s Castiel, this even resulted in a fight between the fans.


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Supernatural is a tale of family. The core theme is the love of family and this is pretty evident in on and off screen. Did you know that Jensen’s wide Danneel Ackles joined the cast in Season 13 when he appeared as Sister Jo, an angel. Jensen’s wife isn’t the only member in his family who shared the screen with him. His dad Alan Ackles appeared as a detective alongside him in Season 8 episode ‘Heartache’. Whereas his mother Donna played the extra in the episode. His sister has also made appearances in the S2 episode ‘Bloodlust’ and S7 episode ‘Slash Fiction’. And finally, his brother-in-law Gino Graul played a demon in S10 episode ‘Soul Survivor’.


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Baby is also a central character in the show. The story of the Winchesters cannot be told without the Impala. Did you know originally Kripke decided to have 1965 ford Mustang, but due to it being expensive, they went ahead with Impala. There are at least six versions of the baby on the set. Even though only two of them are functional. One is used for the driving scenes, the other one is used for the action stunts and car chases. The remaining ones are used for the promotional purposes and often for the background scenes. Once a stuntman crashed the baby which made Jensen furious, he made it known to everyone on the set that only he’ll drive the car, no other person would touch it.

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