5 Best Friendships We Saw In Stranger Things 3

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Apart from all the Mind Flayer and Upside Down thing, Stranger Things is also loved for its friendship and age genre. The core characters of this show are teens and the friendship we saw between them since season 1 is something we root for. Even in Stranger season 3, we witnessed some new friendships that were really adorable and perfect. So let’s have a look at them!

So here are the best 5 friendships we saw in Stranger Things season 3!

1. Max and Eleven

5 Best Friendships We Saw In Stranger Things 3

Due to her upbringing and the people she was surrounded with in her childhood, Eleven never really had any friends until she met Mike and her friends. Even with them she really needed a female friend. Unexpectedly she and Max turned into really good friends in season 3 and their bond was something that Eleven needed. It was really refreshing seeing a new Eleven who loved herself and did what she wanted to, dressed how she wanted to. Even their adventurous sleepovers were amazing.

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2. Steve and Robin

5 Best Friendships We Saw In Stranger Things 3

Steve and Robin’s friendship was also the best part of this season. Earlier we thought that they might turn rivals but instead, they turned out to be an unbelievable yet amazing friend. Robin’s character added more spark to the show and these two surely were hilarious in the show. They even went to great extent to save each other and fought the Russians bravely

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