5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Over the course of 15 Seasons, the show Supernatural has featured plenty of diverse characters. The show has also featured strong and independent women such as Rowena, Charlie. And it included actors of different ethnicities who played a big role in the Storylines. Similarly, the show has various characters of diverse sexuality and gender. Numerous angels have also possessed the vessels of different genders. For example, we have seen Raphael possess a female vessel in Season 6. We see in a flashback, a century ago when Castiel came to earth, he possessed a female vessel.  Then there’s Hannah who initially took a female vessel, she possessed a woman named Caroline. But later, we see Hannah possessing a male vessel.

So Take A Look At 5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe


5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe
The CW

She is quite popular when it comes to women. Charlie Bradbury was introduced in Season 7 when she is hired by Dick Roman who is a Leviathan to use her hacking skills to get them some sensitive information. However, she joined the Winchesters and became friends with them. She would travel to the magical land of Oz where she had grand adventures with Dorothy. However, after learning that Dean has been suffering by the dangerous effects of the Mark of Cain, she was enlisted to help by Sam Winchester. Sam took the help of Rowena, Charlie, Castiel, and Crowley to remove the Mark of Cain behind Dean’s back who was unaware of all of it. Her tech and aptitude skills came in handy in breaking the code of the forbidden book, but it cost Charlie her life. In Season 13, we met an alternate Universe version of Charlie.

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5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe
The CW

Crowley was introduced in Season 5 who understood the shifting power hierarchy of hell after Lucifer was freed from the cage. He saw this as an opportunity to grab the power as he felt the Winchesters could defeat Lucifer. Crowley placed his bet on the Winchesters by providing them the Colt. After Lucifer’s departure, he became the King of Hell. The first time we saw Crowley, he sealed the deal by kissing a man. Later, he would capture a picture of him kissing Bobby to seal the deal with him. In an interview, the actor Mark Sheppard who played Crowley said that he feels that the character is Pansexual.


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