5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe


5 Popular LGBT Characters In The Supernatural Universe
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Chuck in a conversation with Metatron revealed that during his time on Earth, he has dated both men and women. His character was introduced in Season 4, he took the persona of Chuck Shurley, writer of the Supernatural books who later turns out to be a prophet. But later, we learn that he is a primordial being who has created everything. We learn that he has been lying and manipulating all along, he has been playing with the Winchesters. He resurrects all the enemies that Winchesters have encountered, tries all sorts of ways to beat the Winchesters. In the end, Jack manages to defeat him and turns him into an ordinary person, leaving him to meet his fate on Earth.


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Claire had a rough childhood after she lost her father Jimmy who became the ultimate vessel of Castiel. Her mother Amelia Novak also met a tragic fate at the hands of an angel. Claire became wayward and rebellious, she ended up in a wrong company. But the Winchesters and Castiel saved her time and time again, and put her in the custody of Jodie where she started training herself to become a hunter. There was an intense attraction between Claire and Kaia Nieves. They bonded over their traumas. Together she went on the adventure to resuce the Winchesters. While the spin-off Wayward Sisters got cancelled leaving their future to be ambiguous. The writers have also confirmed the relationship of Kaia and Claire.


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Max Banes is a hunter and witch who was introduced in Season 12. Along with his twin sister Alicia, the siblings hunt the bad witches who use their powers to do harm. When their mother go missing, they enlist the help of Sam and Dean Winchester to find Tasha. His soul was condemned to hell after he used the powers of the Borrower witch to recreate his twin sister Alicia. As the witch’s powers came from a demon, using the same powers also condemned Max’s soul to hell.

The show has done a brilliant job of giving such characters a positive storyline to shine through. The storylines and their depictions don’t seem forced at all. The fans have always loved and respected the diverse characters on the show. Supernatural has also won numerous awards for its diversity. So let us know who’s your favorite LGBT character from Supernatural in the comments.

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