5 Best Performances Of Jensen Ackles’ Career That Deserve A WATCH!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Jensen Ackles is making the news again due to his brilliant portrayal of the Soldier Boy in the TV Series ‘The Boys’. The actor rose to fame globally for his role of Dean Winchester. Did you know there was a time when Jensen wanted to study Sports Medicine and aspired to become a Physiotherapist. He even planned to enroll in the TU, but when the modeling and acting opportunity knocked at his door, he couldn’t help, but follow his heart. After moving to LA and struggling for a while, the actor ended up with guest roles on shows such as Cybill and Mr. Rhodes.

So Take A Look At 5 Best Performances Of Jensen Ackles’ Career That Deserve A WATCH!



Batman: The Long Halloween is considered by many to be one of the best Batman comic books of all time. This comic is the written by the great Jeph Loeb and the story takes place during the early days of Bruce Wayne as the crime fighting vigilante Batman. DC Animated Universe released a two-part movie in 2021 which stars Jensen Ackles voicing Bruce Wayne/Batman, Troy Baker reprises the role of Joker. Batman must find out the identity of the mysterious villain known as ‘Calendar Man’ who claims his victims on the date of holidays. This isn’t the first time Jensen Ackles starred in a Batman film. In 2010, he became the part of the animated movie ‘Batman: Under The Red Hood’ and voiced the role of Jason Todd AKA Red Hood.

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The first big break of Jensen Ackles’ career came when he was cast in the role of Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives. It is a role that would earn him three consecutive Daytime Emmy Award nominations. He would leave the show after being a part for three years. Eric was introduced on the show along with his twin sister Sami Brady. Both the twins loved each other deeply, but had contrasting personalities. Jensen had to audition for the role of Eric a couple of times before getting the chance to play it. Jensen exited the show after landing a lucrative deal with ABC. Even though NBC approached the actor in 2001 to reprise his role, but Jensen turned it down. Jensen’s time on Days of Our Lives would also get referenced in Supernatural Season 6 Episode ‘The French Mistake’.


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