5 Biggest Betrayals In Originals That Made A Significant Impact

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Vampire Diaries’ spin-off is set in the city of New Orleans which is the home to vampires, werewolves, and witches. There are plenty of supernatural factions on the show who continue to contest for power. Right in the center, you have the paranoid but extremely powerful Mikaelsons. This makes for great storytelling. While some fans might find Originals to be a slow-burn or lacking in pace compared to TVD, but that’s how it tells its stories. Every arc of the Originals is filled with manipulation, lie, deceit, and a betrayal that nobody sees it coming. These betrayals affected the story significantly and added a shock value to the Originals.

So Take A Look at 5 Biggest Betrayals In Originals That Made A Significant Impact


5 Biggest Betrayals In Originals That Made A Significant Impact
The CW

Originals Season 1 introduced us to a new character in the form of Davina Claire, the powerful Harvest Girl who served as the secret weapon of Marcel against the Mikaelsons. However, despite her vow to end Klaus once and for all, she allied with Mikaelsons on several occasions. After falling in love with Kol Mikaelson, she put her life on the line to bring back Kol and eventually succeeded in doing so. But the Ancestors had an ulterior motive and resurrected Kol, but also cursed him which resulted in the demise of Davina. A devastated Kol sought the help of Freya to save Davina placing her in a protective boundary.

But when Freya realized she could use Davina as a means to get the power from the Ancestors to end Lucien, she along with the consent of Elijah went ahead with it, and this resulted in a worse fate in which Davina’s soul was shredded to pieces. Kol tried his best to prevent it from happening, but he was helpless as Elijah stopped him. Kol was devastated as she lost the love of her life and her family played a part in her demise. Interestingly, Klaus was against this decision and told Elijah to find a different way to deal with Lucien.


The CW

You can always trust a Mikaelson to side with another Mikaelson, but you can always trust a Mikaelson to betray another Mikaelson. Normally, it’s Klaus who daggers his siblings. But when Elijah daggered Klaus in Season 2 Episode ‘When The Levee Breaks’, it was unexpected and nobody saw it coming. Klaus believed that Hayley and Hope are safer with him. As long as they are closer to him, he’d be able to protect them. Hayley believed they have a much better chance while being with wolves. Both Elijah and Klaus shared a distrust as they had different strategies for dealing with Dahlia. Hayley convinces Elijah that Klaus is too much in his head, he cannot work in harmony with the wolves to protect Hope. Elijah uses the gold dagger that was constructed by Kol which successfully daggers Klaus Mikaelson.


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