5 Biggest Lies That We Were Told About The Mughals

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. It is well said that the history is written according to the person who wins it and some don’t care about the actual history. Today people are talking about rewriting the history about great kings and it actually really happened, many communists and historians wrote history according to their convenience and ideology. Similarly we were told so many lies about the Mughals.

So today we’re going to discuss about some achievements about the Mughals that were a lie

1. Babur was in love with Hindustan

5 Biggest Lies That We Were Told About The Mughals

Babur wrote many interesting things in his diary about India and one of the things he wrote about India was like ” India is a very interesting country but people here are not beautiful and there is also no tame, tahajib and a big heart. People here lack the skill of art and crafts and there are even no bathrooms here and meats, grapes, watermelons and good horses are also not available”. He wrote this in his diary Tujuke Babri.

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2. No beautiful monuments without the contribution of the Mughals

It is often argued that without Mughals we couldn’t have treated our eyes with beautiful monuments in India, but its completely not the truth. Even if exclude the monuments of Mughals, we have other beautiful monuments like the Ellora Caves, Sanchi Stupa, Temple of Khajuraho and many more. So we just can’t thank the Mughals only.

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