5 Biggest Lies That We Were Told About The Mughals


3. No Babur, No Biryani

The word Biryani comes from the Persian word ” Birinj Birias” which means fried rice. Biryani has become an iconic dish today and everyone want to have more. And Biryani is usually linked with the Mughals but in actual Mughals are not the ones who created this dish. Biryani was actually brought by the Persians and even the kebabs and nihari were also not Mughals creation, the Nawabs brought them later after the Mughals.

4. Urdu was introduced by Mughals

It is believed that Urdu language originated in India because of the Mughals but in reality Urdu language existed in India years ago before the Mughals entered India. Around 250 years ago before Babur came, Amir Khusrow started the Urdu language when he wrote his first poetry in Urdu.

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5. Mughal came first and then the Europeans

Vasco Da Gama first came to India in the year 1498 and then later in the year 1526 Babur came to India. So its a myth that Europeans came later and Mughals came before.


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