5 Biggest Mistakes Done By The Writers Of Vampire Diaries


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One of the biggest problems with TVD is their treatment of the antagonists. Surely, the villains are hyped greatly before they are introduced. But their subsequent treatment and storylines have been done poorly. Despite being billed as invincible and almighty, numerous villains have easily tasted defeated at the hands of the “Mystic Falls Gang’. It doesn’t make much sense as the group comprises of ordinary humans, normal vampires, a werewolf, and a witch who managed to defeat the powerful and notorious Original Family with ease. The gang even managed to eliminate two Original vampires which is just absurd. The Originals were hyped as the undefeatable, having walked the earth for centuries, but they were easily handed by the Mystic Falls Gang. Similarly, the FIVE were also introduced as something important. The writers even explored their origin and history in detail. But even their mystic was gone soon and they were treated like some minor antagonists. The same also happened with the great Silas.

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5 Biggest Mistakes Done By The Writers Of Vampire Diaries
The CW

The Writers have time and time again missed certain details and ended up introducing certain inconsistencies which have plagued the storylines.

  • There was a time when Vervain was said to be a rare herb, but as the show went on, we saw Vervain to be pretty easily accessible.
  • Then the founding year of the Mystic Falls has conflicting dates. In one picture, it says the Mystic Falls was founded in 1860 whereas other sources indicated the town to be founded in 1792.
  • It is said that the older vampires are superior in the strength as Vampires get powerful with age. But there have been instances where older vampires such as Damon and Nadia have been overpowered by Caroline and Tyler. But the most questionable moment was when Rebekah Mikaelson was overpowered by Stefan Salvatore.
  • How did the members of the Mystic Falls Gang manage to graduate? We hardly seen them studying, attending school regularly as they were either busy fighting all sorts of Supernatural monsters or busy romanticizing.


The CW

One of the biggest criticisms of the Vampire Diaries and the grave mistake committed by the writers is keeping the spotlight always on the three main characters; Elena, Damon, and Stefan. As all those three are the main protagonists so it does make sense. But the show failed to provide meaningful storylines, character development to the other supporting characters such as Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett. As a result, some of these characters became monotonous and dull. The writers were forced to write them off because they didn’t have anything in store for such characters.

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