5 Biggest Traitors In The History Of India

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There have been many traitors in Indian History and backstabbed their own people at such times that you won’t believe. When India was ruled by the Britishers many traitors supplied information to them for the sake of money, while some betrayed to rule on other’s kingdom. So many such things had happened in the history and today we’ll discuss it, so let’s start.

So here is a list of those 5 biggest traitors in the history of India that will stun you!

1. Jai Chand

There was a great rivalry between Jai Chand and Prithviraj Chauhan and several clashes took place between them, but despite of everything Jai Chand did, Prithviraj married his daughter Saigoyitha and loved her a lot. But still Jai Chand did not like Prithviraj, but showed Prithviraj that he was over his rivalry as now they were related, but when he came to know that Mohammad Gori is planning to take revenge from Prithviraj, he joined hands with him and betrayed his own son-in-law which resulted in Prithviraj losing the war against Mohammad Gori. Jai Chand was very happy about this fact but Mohammad Gori was not the kind of a person to be trusted and he killed Jai Chand and took over his kingdom in Kanauj.

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2. Maansingh

When Maharana Pratap was busy in making India a free country and removing her from the clutches of the greedy Mughals, but on the other side, Maansingh joined hands with the Mughals instead of helping Maharana Pratap. Maansingh became the army general of the Mughals during a war between Maharana Pratap and the Mughals, while he was also Amer’s king. But Maharana Pratap was not the kind of a man to get defeated by a traitor and killed Maansingh during the war but got so injured that he had to hide in the forest for a long period of time and stayed alive without any food and water. Maansingh is still remembered as a traitor who betrayed Maharana Pratap during the war but ended by losing his own life.

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