5 Bizarre Phobias That Most Of The People Have!

Fear is a necessary part of our lives and we all have a fear of something. But when a fear goes to a certain extent, it becomes a phobia. There are so many different kinds of phobias that exist among people. Some of you might even be surprised that some people actually have these phobias. But everyone is scared of something and they always hide it from others.

Let’s Look At 5 Bizarre Phobias That Most Of The People Have

1. Ophthalmophobia

Ophthalmophobia is the fear of being stared at and this is really strange as most of the people enjoy the attention. This phobia generally arises from a traumatic event in a person’s life that was likely caused by some sort of public ridicule. This phobia can also be associated with fear of drawing attention to oneself. You don’t want to be the center of attention.

I think we all experience this to some extent especially when you catch someone just staring at you across the room. It makes you wonder if there’s something on your face that a person is noticing. So maybe some of you guys have this phobia.

2. Macrophobia

It is a fear of long waits and I know this is my biggest fear as I just hate waiting for stuff. This fear arises when someone waits for a long time too frequently and this result in extreme frustrations. Symptoms of this phobia include sweating, urge to flee, fainting and the feeling as if things are like getting closer and closer to you. I guess people with this phobia shouldn’t go to any amusement parks or major attractions. A lot of people who suffer from this phobia actually do a lot of their shopping online to avoid the line. I don’t know how it’s like a phobia? That’s just a smart thing to do.

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3. Neophobia

This is a fear of new things and a person who has this phobia is unwilling to try new things or break from their normal routine. A lot of us probably experience this when you move to a new place or go to a new school. This phobia is actually pretty common because new situations are scary and pretty unpredictable. So it’s hard to break from the normal routines and try to be comfortable in new one.

4. Ergophobia

This is the phobia where there is a fear of work or the workplace environment. I think a lot of us have experienced this in one form or another. Especially, when we are starting a new job but this phobia is deeper than that. Sometimes, people have an irrational fear of their workplace because they’re afraid of failing at an assigned task and also their social anxiety and public speaking.

5. Haphephobia

It is the fear of being touched and being too close to someone. Having this fear can cause a person to have a panic attack if they’re touched. You guys probably know some people who are scared of being touched. They feel the need to protect their personal space because they’re scared of possible contamination or invasion.

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