5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Actresses Of The Originals


Welcome back to Humor Nation. While the Originals series revolves around the Mikaelsons. Some of the core cast members are the same actors whom we have already seen on the Vampire Diaries. But Originals featured several new actors who quickly became fan favorites. While all these actors will always remain memorable for their performances on the Originals. Many of these actors went on to appear in other popular shows also. But some of these actresses really experimented and played roles which will surely raise plenty of eyebrows. They went out of their comfort zone, took a risk by choosing to play certain characters.

So Take A Look At 5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Actresses Of The Originals


5 Bold TV Roles Played By The Actresses Of The Originals
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Riley Voelkel rose to fame through her portrayal of Freya Mikaelson in the TVD Universe. She made her debut in Season 2 of the Originals and was soon promoted to a main cast member. After Originals, she became a part of the ‘Hightown’ where she plays the role of Renee Segna. She plays the role of a main character in the series. Her character Renee Segna is an exotic dancer who cannot escape her past. This new role is pretty bold and challenging for the actress. The actress has also done some ‘revealing scenes’ in this project. Riley talked about how it was her first doing something like that. After reading the script, she felt that it was necessary for the character and it made perfect sense. Everyone on the set made her feel comfortable while doing the bold scenes. She also talked about how it was challenging for her to take up the role as she had no prior dance background. She went through extreme physical and dance training to prepare for this role.

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Peta Sergeant appeared in the first season of the Originals as Francesca Guerrera who took over as leader of the human faction after the demise of Father Kieran. She pretended to be an ally of the Mikaelsons, but was working against them behind their back. She is best known for her role of Heather in the Australian TV series titled ‘Satisfaction’. Her character struggles to come to terms with her romantic orientation and her choice of profession while trying to have a baby with her partner Ally. The actress has appeared in numerous bold and outrageous scenes in the series which turned several heads. It’s also one of her best performances, playing such a different character, and being able to justify the character.


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