5 Cancer Survivors Of Bollywood Industry Who Have Inspired Us Alot

3. Nafisa Ali

5 Cancer Warriors Of Bollywood Industry Who Have Inspired Us Alot

Nafisa Ali is a former beauty pageant winner and is diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and since then she has stayed updated on her social media handles to inspire us all with her lively spirit and has told everyone how she’s dealing with her disease so far. She has strongly battled her chemo sessions and has lost hair from hair to eyelashes to eyebrows.

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4. Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray has recently welcomed her twin babies into this world through surrogacy. She was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2009 and she thought that she cured her disease in 2010. But sadly in 2015, she discovered that she was still living with that fatal disease and since then she started raising awareness against this disease. She inspired us all with her lively spirit and became a living example of a cancer warrior.

5. Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala has been suffering from cancer for quite a long time and has successfully defeated this disease with her strong will power. She now aware people against this disease and also shares various tips on how to fight this disease or deal with it. She has also written a book named Healed to share her experience of fighting this disease.

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