5 Celebrities Who Are Fans Of The Vampire Diaries


5 Celebrities Who Are Fans Of The Vampire Diaries
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Both the fans of Supernatural and TVD have always dreamed of a crossover between the shows. Unfortunately, it never happened even though both the shows aired on the same network. Both the Supernatural actors have mentioned the TVD lead stars Ian & Paul numerous times in the interviews, even taken friendly jibes. In an interview, when asked about TVD’s ending, Jensen responded saying that the Winchesters should pay a visit to the Mystic Falls in their signature Impala and wipe them out. When Ian and Paul were asked about the SPN actors’ comments, they responded saying “They are tall and handsome, they are very sweet guys, and we like them”. The lead actors of TVD and SPN have crossed paths on more than one occasion. They once also took pictures together which went viral on the internet.


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The successful actress, entrepreneur, and singer who is a global star. Her clothing brand crossed over $1 billion in sales. She is also the author of ‘Open Book’, a memoir which was ranked number one on the prestigious New York Times Best Seller listing. Her songs have sold over millions of copies across the world. She has also been a part of numerous reality shows as a contestant and as a judge. This successful personality is a fan of the show. She always expressed herself through her Tweets. In 2012, she tweeted how Vampire Diaries has become her obsession and she had watched every single episode so far.


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The shipping battle between Delena and Stelena is never going to end. While Delena emerged victorious on the show, there are many who believed Stelena was the better ship. You’d be surprised to know that one big supporter of Team Stelena is Kylie Jenner. Yes, you read it correct! Many don’t know that Kylie is the youngest billionaire and that too self made in the world. Her net worth crossed over the billion mark at a mere age of 21. She owns a popular cosmetic brand named Kylie Cosmetics and also has premium clothing brands. Kylie has also appeared in various reality shows. The support of such a successful personality means a lot to the show.

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