5 Celebrities Who Were Sued By Their Fans For Ridiculous Reasons

Welcome to Humor Nation. Celebrities are loved by their fans all over the world and every person has their own favorite celebrity whom we love and never met in daily life. We watch their movies, or listen to their songs, and could spend hours talking about them. People like to write books about them and running pages and blogs about them. But there is another side of this beautiful phase also and i.e when your favorite personality hurts you or disappoints you then, people starting complaining about them in social media and they’re constantly in the news.

So here without any further ado, here are some celebrities who were sued, rightfully or wrongfully, by their own fans.

1. Creed

Creed is one of the well known and well-loved “dad rock” band whose song has been featured in movies and also played incessantly over the radio. But in the year 2003, fans were shocked and a little horrified when frontman Scott stumbled out on stage, and he was allegedly drunk and in unsteady condition. Almost 15,000 who showed up to watch the play were incensed, some so much that they filed a lawsuit and demanded a refund in a ticket costs for everyone who came to the show, as well as a refund on their parking, a total cost to the band of 2 Million dollars!. However the judge, however, dismissed the case, saying that he was not “a rock critic”.

5 Celebrities Who Were Sued By Their Fans For Ridiculous Reasons


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