5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everyone is well aware that Vampire Diaries is based on the novel series of the same name. While the fundamental story and the premises are same, but the show creators made several changes such as changing the personalities of certain characters, introducing new characters or eliminating certain characters from the books. All such changes made Vampire Diaries a great success, the fans enjoyed every bit of it, and kept craving more. If you have read the books then you will definitely agree that the TV show is nothing like the books, almost everything is altered or entirely different. The only thing that didn’t change is the first names of the characters from the books. But what are those major changes?

So Take A Look At 5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans! 


5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!
The CW

In the books, only the character of Klaus Mikaelson exists. He is not known as an Original, but an Old one. A very ancient vampire who wants to destroy Elena Gilbert and her gang. While the Originals were humans who transformed into the vampires, The ‘Old One’ Klaus was never a human and he came into existence long before the construction of the Pyramids. All our the characters from the Mikaelson Family such as Elijah, Finn, Rebekah, Freya, Kol, Esther, and Mikael aren’t part of the TVD Novels. The show introduced Klaus with an entirely different backstory and he is not just a vampire, but a hybrid. The saga of the Mikaelson Family and the promise of ‘Always and Forever’ made Vampire Diaries much more better.

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5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!
The CW

While the core story and theme of the love triangle has not been changed, but there’s a lot different about the main characters. The behavior and personality of Elena Gilbert is very different, she was the popular mean girl in the books whereas her TV counterpart is compassionate and reserved. Meanwhile the Katherine in the show is selfish and manipulative whereas the one in the books is more sympathetic. Also, Elena and Katherine are actually sisters in the books whereas in the TV series, Elena is a descendent of Katherine Pierce. Also, Katherine is turned by Klaus in the books whereas it was Rose’s blood that turned her in the show. Elena is best friends with Bonnie McCullough (changed to Bonnie Bennett) and Meredith Sulez (changed to Meredith Fell). Also Meredith Fell and Elena aren’t friends in the TV series. Elena is rival with Caroline Forbes. Like the show Caroline is in a relationship with Tyler Lockwood, but also gets pregnant with Tyler’s children. She becomes a werewolf instead of a vampire.


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