5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!


5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!
The CW

There are certain characters who might seem insignificant on the surface level, but they are crucial to the storytelling and their contribution cannot be stressed enough. While in the books, Elena has a younger sister named Margaret, but the show changed it to a younger brother named Jeremy Gilbert. The character of Isobel Saltzman, John Gilbert who are the biological parents of Elena Gilbert are created for the show and they don’t exist in the books.


5 Changes Vampire Diaries Did Which Made It A Hit With The Fans!
The CW

Caroline Forbes has green eyes, red hair, and a bronze colored complexion whereas the Caroline in the TV series is blonde. Similarly, Elena has brown eyes and hair, but Elena in books has blue eyes and blonde hair.  Bonnie has freckled skin, her hair is reddish gold and curly in appearance whereas her eyes are hazel brown. She has a pale complexion as she is of Irish descent. In the books, Katherine is German, but in the books she is of Bulgarian heritage. Did you know Bonnie and Damon shared a romantic relationship in the books whereas they are best friends on the show.


TV Shows            Books

  • Bonnie Bennett – Bonnie McCullough
  • Vicki Donovan – Vicki Bennett
  • Meredith Fell – Meredith Sulez
  • Katherine Pierce – Katherine von Swartzschild
  • Matt Donovan – Matt Honeycutt
  • Tyler Lockwood – Tyler Smallwood


The CW

After Elena returns back from the afterlife, she is granted superhuman powers and abilities which also makes her blood full of magic potential. Elena has the super sense of vision and hearing. She is also able to use telepathy to communicate with the Salvatores. She possesses different kinds of wings which allows her to protect herself, remove a person’s memories, return memories, help her to fly, and destroy stuff. Whereas Elena turned into a vampire on the show and had all the powers & abilities of a normal vampire. However, she turned back to human in Season 5. Elena is also a doppelganger as a result of which her blood could be used in several spells and rituals.

Apart from the vampires, werewolves, and witches. The books featured several different supernatural species such as the guardians and light bringers known as the angels. Phantoms who are born out of torturing and suffering of human souls. The Principal Guardians who are the oldest ones, but when their blood is combined with human blood, it becomes toxic for an old one. And then we have Kitsunes who are the humans who can transform into the fox forms.

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