5 Characters In The Vampire Diaries Who Are Played By Multiple Roles


5 Characters In The Vampire Diaries Who Are Played By Multiple Roles
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It sounds pretty impossible that a character has been portrayed by 12 different actors, but it’s quite true. Silas is World’s first immortal being, the progenitor of the Salvatore bloodline. There was a huge buildup leading to the arrival of Silas, but unfortunately the Silas storyline failed to deliver and is considered to be immensely underwhelming. The reason why numerous actors appeared in the role role of Silas is because Silas is an extremely powerful psychic who can easily conjure up illusions and hallucinations. We have seen him easily overpower and bring the Original Hybrid to his knees. So Silas has appeared as illusions, taking the form of various different characters in order to mess with the minds of his victims. But his real and true form is of Stefan Salvatore. Paul Wesley portrayed the true form of Silas whereas other actors played the illusions conjured by Silas.

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The Heretics debuted in Season 6 and the members played a significant role in Season 7. The Heretics is a group of witch-vampire hybrids who possess the unique ability of being able to practice magic despite being a vampire. This is because of their siphoner nature, they don’t have magic of their own, but could siphon magic from other sources. All of the six members were witches and they were turned into vampires by Lily Salvatore who helped them when needed and served as a mother figure to all of them. The Heretics first appeared in Season 6 When Kai arrived in the Prison World to free Lily from the captivity, she refused to leave the Prison World without the Heretics. All the characters of the six Heretics members have been portrayed by different actors in Season 6 and Season 7.

  • Oscar – Wing Liu & Tim Kang
  • Valerie – Katie Lumpkin & Elizabeth Blackmore
  • Beau – Charlie Johnson & Jaiden Kaine
  • Mary Louise – Fe Read & Teressa Liane
  • Nora Hildegard – Natalie Romaine & Scarlett Byrne
  • Malcolm – Kent Wagner & Justice Leak

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The character of Gregor has been played by Hans Obma and Zach Roerig. Gregor is the lover of Nadia and belonged to the Travelers who are a sub-group of the witches. After using a spell, Gregor gained the possession of the body of Matt with the help of Nadia Petrova. Nadia stabbed Gregor in order to win the trust of Silas, but despite his demise, he was alive through Matt as the spell was still working. Eventually Gregor meets his demise at the hands of Katherine who discovered that he was only using Nadia.

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