5 Characters Riverdale Changed For Good

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The real Archie comics fan must know how different are the show characters from the comic characters. It’s just that the characters are adapted rest many things are changed for good. There were many characters in the comics that weren’t that impressive as they are in the show. So let’s put a light on those characters.

So here is a list of those 5 characters Riverdale changed for good!

1. Veronica

5 Characters Riverdale Changed For Good

Riverdale made Veronica’s character even better, not that she was bad or something in the comics but in the show, she is way better. The writers made her character three dimensional. She is a fierce girl who can go against her daddy and blame him for what he does wrong, he cares for people more than ever and can do anything for her family and friends, she can take care of herself and doesn’t need anyone else. She is good at heart but is also a badass girl who knows what to do and what not and can teach a good lesson to those who’ve wronged her.

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2. Jughead

5 Characters Riverdale Changed For Good

Jughead’s character is way better in the show and is everyone’s favorite. He is a journalist and loves writing and also loves his burgers more than anything. Jughead may be a weirdo but he is also the one who has everyone’s back and his character is very endearing. He is a boyfriend and the leader of the Serpents but he also follows his morals and does the right thing no matter what. Even if his dear ones have done anything wrong, he never hesitates to punish them for good. He is honest and a good person.

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