5 Characters With The Best Character Development “Riverdale”

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. This Archie comics-inspired show “Riverdale” has been running successfully for four seasons and many more are yet to come. In Riverdale, we have seen some grow a lot during the seasons and they developed for the best. So let’s have a look at those characters who underwent the best character transformation in the show and are now loved by the viewers.

So take a look at the list down below to see which are those 5 characters who have developed a lot on the show!

1. F.P. Jones

5 Characters With The Best Character Development "Riverdale"

F.P. Jones is one of those characters who has undergone a real character transformation in the show. In the first season, we saw how irresponsible he was as a father and also a careless alcoholic who was a gang leader. He was absent from Jughead’s life and did not take good care of him at first but now he has become way more responsible and takes care of his family as well as everyone in Riverdale. He now has a stable life than what he had before.

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2. Archie Andrews

5 Characters With The Best Character Development "Riverdale"

From a boy who wanted to learn music to now running a community center as well as his dad’s business, Archie surely has grown a lot. He has faced a lot of problems in the show, first dealing with his friend’s issue, then the Black Hood, then Hiram, and then his father’s death. Archie almost left town but he came back and faced everything and his now handling everything on his own without any support and also trying to manage his studies with it. He has a lot on his plate but still hasn’t lost his faith in himself. Well Done Archie!


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