5 Controversies Of Virat Kohli That He Wants You To Forget

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Virat Kohli is already emerging as the greatest cricketer of India and his game is on a whole other level. He has made his team very dominant and knows how to use his talents in the best way. Though he must be the best for all but nothing is completely and even Virat Kohli is famous for his fiery and aggressive character on the field and how it is actually hard to cool him down. Many controversies of this charming cricketer have also followed during his journey and so today we’ll put a light on them. So let’s start!

So here are the 5 controversies of Virat Kohli that everyone should know about!

1. Inviting Anushka to the pavilion

5 Controversies Of Virat Kohli That He Wants You To Forget

This controversy took place when the IPL was going on in the year 2015. The match was between Royal Challengers Banglore and Delhi Daredevils and Anushka Sharma was spotted in the pavilion during the match. In this way, Virat Kohli had violated the BCCI’s code of conduct because it was clearly stated that no one except the players and officials of BCCI or ICC were allowed there. This act completely backfired him and he was handed a warning by the board.

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2. Abusing a journalist

You must be well aware of how furious Virat gets sometimes. Such an incident took place when Anushka Sharma was targeted for Virat’s failure during the ICC World Cup 2015 and some journalist wrote an article about it. Virat got extremely furious and bashed the journalist with his words and later it was revealed that he accidentally targeted the wrong journalist and then apologized for it.

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