5 Cool Gadgets That You Just Need To See! This Will Make Your Life Simpler

Hello everyone! Today we live in the age of science, a world full of technologies and inventions. And we simply cannot avoid using the digital technology and latest gadgets everyday that make our life earlier. Without these wonders of Science, where would we be? I’d say nowhere, where we are today is all because of science and technology. There are many cool gadgets, tools of science which have different applications, but they all ultimately make our life simpler. Some of these cool gadgets are pretty expensive, some of them are big, some are small, but they all strive to make our life better. In today’s article we will talk about 10 amazing cool gadgets and inventions that you’re simply going to love.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Cool Gadgets That You Just Need To See! This Will Make Your Life Simpler

1. Air Bar

This is Air Bar! Air bar brings touch to your new or existing PC by projecting an invisible light field over the screen, and what’s good about light is that it responds to pretty much anything. So you can slide with your gloves or long fingernails, pinch with your chopsticks, scroll while you’re cooking or why not use a paintbrush, you get the idea. With air bar you get touch gestures when you need them, it’s easy to attach, it’s sleek, it won’t drain your battery and you can unplug it whenever you want to. Best of all there’s no manual, no installation, it’s plug and touch, it just works. Air bar, plug and touch when you need it.

2. Color Muse

What is Color Muse? Color Muse works with an app on your iPhone or Android to scan and match colors. Just place Color Muse on a surface and press scan on the app, the app will show a list of the best color matches to products. Color Muse can match many other paint brands as well and products such as flooring, textiles, laminate, furniture even apparel and shoes. The Color Muse device is $59 and app is free. It can tell you the color in a variety of notation such as RGB, text lab and others. It can accurately digitize colors you see in real life such as magazines and products. Color Muse can tell you the best color match or help select coordinating colors, the app allows you to save colors in a custom palette.

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3. TAP Strap

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At first glance this device looks like a small strap, but in fact is a new generation keyboard. Its creators made it possible to type on any surface with this gadget. To use it you have to put it in your hand and make a tap on any object around. The device recognize the movements and transforms them into symbols. A simple knock is recognized as a vowel and more complex combinations are used to write consonants. Overall there are 31 combinations that allow the user to enter texts with accuracy of 99%. The system is equipped with an auto complete system and predictive text input. At first glance that system seems very uncomfortable and confusing, but you just got to get used to it and you’ll enjoy his keyboard. Tap strap is very useful for writing text when you don’t have the chance to see the screen

4. Smacircle

Another entry in the cool gadgets is the Electric bicycle. It is the lightest and most compact of its type, it can be folded easily and can fit without problem in a backpack. The vehicle weighs only fifteen and a half pounds, and the frame of the bicycles made a materials based on carbon fiber which allows it to withstand the weight of up to 220 pounds. This new bike is a volt Samsung battery integrated at the saddle. The vehicle can be fully loaded in two hour and it’s top speed is miles per hour. It’s possible to purchase this baby for $800.

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These amazing sneakers featuring flexible monochrome LED display covered by half transparent cpe for protection. Using smart bluetooth technology these sneakers automatically connect with your smart-phone. Just take a photo from your phone or select one photo from the gallery of designs through the Vixole app and transfer the design directly to the back of your shoe. It has built in motion and sound sensors through which the sneakers connect to the environment. The sneakers are made up of calf leather for durability and elastic banding for a comfortable experience. It has a battery life of 8 hours which you can recharge again.

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