7 Countries That Banned YouTube!

YouTube Banned
There are some countries where YouTube was banned for ridiculous reasons and some countries has never lifted the ban till now.

Congratulations! You’ve managed to watch a video on YouTube. You must be one of the many countries where YouTube is totally legal. I’m happy for you but there are some countries out there where YouTube is as illegal as it can get. There are some countries where YouTube was banned for ridiculous reasons and some countries has never lifted the ban till now.

Take A Look At 7 Countries That Banned YouTube

1. Brazil

In 2007, YouTube was banned for every Brazilian because of an adult video. YouTube was sued by Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli, ex-fiance of footballer Ronaldo for hosting a video of the couple having intercourse on a beach. Although, this video was not explicit and a filter was put on preventing access to YouTube for everyone there. It didn’t take too long though for the court to realize how ridiculous that was. Especially, as it was on every other website and the ban was overturned.

2. India

On February 22nd, 2008, when YouTube was less than three years old, it was banned in India for all 1.1 billion people. The reason was that the India telecommunication Authority said that YouTube was hosting a number of non-Islamic objectionable videos and the main one was ‘Fitna’ a short film by Dutch politician that claimed that the Muslim holy book was motivating hate in its followers. There were a tense few days of the following but the ban was eventually lifted after YouTube agreed to take down the video.

3. Gabon

In 2016, the West African nation of Gabon saw mass protests after a close and controversial election. When the riots broke out, the major Internet companies there cut off Internet access for the entire country. When that didn’t calm things down, the government banned YouTube. The thing is that it wasn’t a very effective ban and anyone in Gabon can still access YouTube if they just work around it.

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4. Turkey

Turkey and YouTube have a rough relationship to say the least. In 2007, the government banned YouTube because of a comment war. Greek, Armenian and Turkish YouTubers got into a huge online fight insulting and defending the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal. YouTube was sued for insulting Turkishness. Over the 10 years, YouTube was banned in Turkey and then unbanned over and over again for many different reasons. One time it was taken down because there was a video of the Turkish spy chief discussing military plans for attacking Syrian jihadist.

5. Iran

Iran is a country that is known for its strict internet censorship. At the 2009 presidential election, the YouTube block was lifted in order to warm down young people in the country. It was all going well for three years but then in 2012, it was blocked again when YouTube hosted the trailer for a movie called the innocence of Muslims. Iran didn’t like its anti-Muslim nature and YouTube has been officially banned there ever since.

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6. North Korea

This one should come as no surprise as the North Korean government tries to control all of the information from its people and YouTube is like their worst nightmare. They banned it along with Twitter and Facebook in 2016 in a move which confuses a lot of people because most North Koreans don’t have access to the Internet and they probably never even heard of YouTube. However, the North Korean government isn’t really known for making a whole lot of sense and the ban has stayed ever since.

7. Libya

In 2010, the Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi banned YouTube. The reason was that there were videos of families protesting about their loved ones who were killed in prisons under his rule. There were also videos of his own family members having fun at parties. Because of this, he banned the whole of YouTube across Libya. After the civil war there which resulted in his death, YouTube ban was lifted.

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