5 Craziest Ancient Weapons You Have Never Heard Before

Welcome to Humor Nation. Every war has its secret weapon in ancient times and probably most of them were seen during the war. Those ancient weapons have a certain simple mechanical charm that just can’t be matched by the most advanced missiles and rifles of today.

So here is a list of some craziest weapons that you have never heard before!!

1. Man Catcher

It is one of the strongest tools used in ancient times and was most commonly used in streets rather than in the field of battle. It was specifically designed to incapacitate an opponent without killing or injuring him and was mostly made of a wooden shaft with a two-pronged blunted fork at the end. While some had spikes on them which were clearly designed to cause injury. It was used throughout the middle ages across the world from Europe to Japan and was continued as a law enforcement tool well into the 1600s.

5 Craziest Ancient Weapons You Have Never Heard Before.

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2. Bagh Nakh 

Bagh Nakh was a form of a knuckle duster and can easily be concealed in the palm. It is made up of five metal claws that were used to slash at the opponent. Nihang Sikhs carried them in their turbans as concealed weapons but also fought with them in battle on occasion.

5 Craziest Ancient Weapons You Have Never Heard Before.

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