5 Crazy Facts About Supernatural Angels

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Here are 5 crazy facts about Supernatural’s angels that only a true fan would know! So what are you waiting for? Keep checking!

1. Angels are jerks.

5 Crazy Facts About Supernatural Angels

Angels are pretty self-absorbed and care much more about their own agenda than assisting humans. They lie, manipulate and certainly don’t care if humans lose their lives in their crossfire. Well, so much for being an angel! The Winchester brothers have been used by angels and demons so often that it makes being human most preferable!

2. The Angel Radio.

In order to keep in touch with one another, angels use what they dub “angel radio.” It works for the ones who have lost their grace as well. The communication tool can be a boon as well a bane, depending upon the user.

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3. Angelic grace can be removed.

An angel’s grace is what allows them to be a celestial being in the first place. Not only can an angel cut their own grace out, but angels can also steal one another’s grace. Graces can also be taken and used in spells, as Metatron demonstrated when he stole Castiel’s, causing him to become human and all of the angels to fall to Earth.


4. Angels set up John and Mary Winchester.

The couple was originally paired together by angels in the first place in order to bring forth two perfect vessels for Lucifer and Michael to have their epic showdown. Mary and John loved eachother and made it work through everything until Mary was tragically taken by Yellow Eyes. Well, good job angels!

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5. Angels are endangered now.

Alright, this is going to come as a shock but angels in Supernatural are officially endangered. After all of those years of constant internal fights, civil war, faction disputes and chaos, is anyone really that surprised?

So if you checked all these facts on your list, congratulations, you’re a true Supernatural fan. If not, you’re welcome!


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