5 Cricketers Who Can Actually Replace Popular “Avengers: Endgame” Cast

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The craze for sports and movies is high all the time and with Avengers:Endgame in the theaters and also ICC World Cup 2019 around we thought how great it would look if we swap some characters of Avengers with that of some great cricketers. Like the Avengers are the Earth’s hero, cricketers are also our heroes and we would really look forward to see who would portray which role if given a chance.

So here is a list of the 5 cricketers who can actually replace popular “Avengers: Endgame” Cast. This would be like Avengers meets Cricket!

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Captain America

5 Cricketers Who Can Actually Replace Popular "Avengers: Endgame" Cast

Calm, well behaved and professional, these are the classic principles of Steve Rogers and he knows how to fight an uphill battle and he comes from humble beginnings. He has various skills and talent and Steve Rogers knows what responsibility lies of his shoulders and stands for them no matter what. He is also the mind behind most of the moves of the Avengers. There is no one else except the “Captain Cool” Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself who could fit into Captain Rogers character. He has the similar beliefs and never giving up kind of attitude. His unique strategies always makes him win his challenges and we would love to see him in that character.

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2. Virat Kohli as Tony Stark

Tony Stark always what he is doing and does it right even when people think that he his losing himself or his touch. Ever since he wore the iron suit he became a fearless warrior and a great person indeed. He achieved a lot and his fans go crazy for him and can do anything for him. Virat Kohli somewhere resembles these traits and he can easily get under this character’s skin and will be absolutely brilliant.

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