5 Cruelest Nazi Experiments That Will Send Chills Down Your Spines!

Nazi Experiments
These were the cruelest human experiments ever done on humans by the Nazis. These Nazi Experiments crossed every possible limit of cruelty.

We have all heard about conducting the experiments on the rats, rabbits and other animals in order to make some medicines. But, today we will discuss about the experiments that were conducted on the humans. These were the cruelest human experiments ever done on humans by the Nazis. These Nazi Experiments crossed every possible limit of cruelty.

Let’s Take A look At 5 Cruelest Nazi Experiments.

1. Freezing Project

During World War-2, Nazi Germany saw Russia as one of their biggest threats when it came to the domination of Europe. Since, Hitler knew what happened to Napoleon during his military campaign in Russia and how the Russians basically destroyed his grand army. The Nazis decided that it would be a good idea to seek scientific methods to avoid this problem in troops. This is why Nazi scientists took subjects and submerge them in cold water with no clothes. They placed them outdoors in the middle of harsh winter conditions to see how much freeze humans could resist. After this, they tried different methods to try to make the subject catch heat again. These methods included electroshock, fire heat and even sex with women. However, none of these were able to trump hypothermia which resulted in the deaths of countless subjects. This was one of the cruelest Nazi experiment ever done.

2. Poison Bullets Experiments On Russian Prisoners.

Just in the way indigenous tribesmen used to poison their arrows, the Nazis looked for ways to poison their bullets, so they could kill faster without giving the target any time to recover. For this purpose, they employed the concentration camp at Buchenwald as a center for these sorts of experiments. They focused mainly on Russian prisoners and new poison formulas were developed everyday. Most of them containing cyanide and sometimes the poison was injected directly, in other cases in the food. However, the most shocking case was in bullets, they used to shoot the prisoners with poison bullets and noticed how much time it took them to die? However, if for some reason the prisoner managed to survive, they took him to a different chamber and killed him anyway. This was one of the brutal Nazi Experiments that killed many people.

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3. Nazi Tuberculosis Experiments.

The Nazis as most people know, were not only concerned about winning the war and attaining complete dominance over Europe. They were also obsessed with the idea of enhancing the Aryan race. One of the things that concerned them most regarding the subject of racial enhancement was getting rid of the most common diseases that took German lives. The diseases which weakened the body and killed the most people was Tuberculosis. For this, they started injecting the tuberculosis bacteria directly into the patient. They were having the objective of finding the right volume ratios of tuberculosis necessary to develop an efficient vaccine. Needless to say, they used the same syringe plenty of times just to make sure that the infection was strong enough. Around 200 people died due to these experiments and no vaccine was ever found.

4. Dr. Joseph Mengele Experiments With Twins.

Dr. Joseph Mengele’s perhaps one of the most infamous characters in World War-2. What characterized this man was his obsession with twins. He constantly asked himself the same question about how nature could reproduce exactly the same genes? For this reason, he experimented with around a thousand pair of twins and the experiments were as cruel as the human mind can conceive. They consisted in transplanting arms, eyes, legs from one twin to another. Sometimes, he even took two different bodies and sewed them together to see if he could create a single body. His main intention was to try to reproduce the Aryan race. From the original thousand pairs of twins, only 200 survived these cruel experiments. However, once Mengele felt that they were of no use anymore, he ordered them to be executed with a chloroform injection directly to their hearts. These Nazi experiments were terrifying.

5. Heinrich Himmler Secret Female Artificial Insemination Project.

Heinrich Himmler was known as one of the most important figures right after Hitler. He hired Dr.Karl Kohlberg in order to experiment with women in their pregnancy cycles. Women were tied and imprisoned and were injected artificial insemination mixed with diverse hormones and stimulants. This usually had disastrous effects on the test subjects. Some sources state that the doctor used to inject animal semen inside the women to see if they could give birth to a monster like creatures. Many of these females ended up cutting their own bellies to prevent themselves from giving birth to such aberrations.

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