5 Insane And Dangerous Eye Tattoos

Tattoos have definitely drastically evolved over the years. It just started with the arms then moved on to the legs back or torso now people get them on there feet, hands, and sometimes even head. But for this list we are going beyond all of that and were going to talk about people who have gotten eyeball tattoos. Hey guys, how are you doing? Welcome back to Humor Nation. Before we get started I want to know if you were to get a tattoo where would you get one and why? Let me know your answers down in the comments. Also if you have any ideas for top lists you’d be interested in seeing, let me know down in the comments. Alright without further a due let me get started on our list of the top insane eye tattoos.

So Let’s Take A 5 Insane And Dangerous Eye Tattoos

5. Pentagram

5 Insane And Dangerous Eye Tattoos

Yeah someone did this. Pentagram tattooed onto his eye. There for life. Uh, if you really wanted this you could’ve just got a tattoo of it on your body, I don’t think anyone will see it on your eye. But kudos to whoever did this because it must have taken some skill and it looks pretty professional. The lines are straight and the circle around it is perfect. Not to mention the little details in there. But yeah even though its done by a skilled professional that doesn’t mean it should’ve been done on the eye.

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4. Blue Eyes

Okay so this one isn’t on the eyeball itself, but this is a list of top insane eye tattoos so it counts being on the eye lid and the fact that the tattoo is of an eye. Yeah a tattoo of eyes on eye lids that’s something different. Why someone would want to look like they’re awake all the time I couldn’t tell you. I mean at least they’re a nice shade of blue so that’s something I suppose. Gotta look at the positive right?


3. Full Coverage

So here we have someone who decided to tattoo his entire eyeball. Now I would be worried about pain. But clearly when you look at this guy you can tell he isn’t scared of pain. He has his neck face and tongue tattooed. Not to mention, he has body modification implants on his forehead. Yeah dude feels no pain. But fully tattooing your eyes, I don’t know how someone could do that. Just looking at him makes my eyeballs hurt. There’s no way his vision is okay after that.

2. Hold Still

Okay here we have someone in the process and it doesn’t look pretty. Who knows why this is happening? I don’t know why someone would want the white part of there eyeball blue. But just seeing how its done makes it that much more creepier. This gives me the chills. You cant look at it for too long. The tattoo artist is just sitting there, poking at his eyeball bleh. I don’t know how someone could do this.

1. Infection

Here we have a real life horror story about eye tattoos. This is Catt Gallinger and she’s a 24 years old model. She went into get an eye tattoo and things didn’t go so well as you can tell. Yeah that’s messed up. Catt shared this post to social media and said I am not sharing this with you to cause trouble I’m sharing this to warn you to research who you get your procedures done by as well as how the procedure should be properly done. This was caused by undiluted ink over injection and smaller injection sights. This has also affected Catts eye sight. She’s hoping to regain her full eyesight soon, but this is definitely a tough reminder that cosmetic procedure can go really really wrong if you’re not careful.

And there you have it that’s our list of the top insane eye tattoos, thanks so much for reading and I will catch you in the next one.

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