5 Dark Secrets Of IPL That The Fans Should Know

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. IPL the Indian Premier League is the most interesting series. Not only for the audience but also the players have a keen excitement for this. And why not? it pays them a fat amount in a short while. But recently the IPL has been through some controversies.

Yet, the lesser known fact is that the IPL hides numerous dark truths from the fans. Sounds more like a betrayal right? But why worry when we are here for you, getting the deepest details over the topic scrutiny.

Scroll down through the article to come across the facts IPL kept secret since forever! Also, don’t forget to mention your knowledge in the comments section below.

5. Fake IPL Player

This was a popular blog during the 2009 IPL. the blog wrote about The famous team Kolkata Knight Riders. The scandals of the blog led the team to fearful loses. Sooner, two players Akash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar who were blamed to own the blog were sent home. Later, Anupam Mukherji was the culprit.

5 Dark Secrets Of IPL That The Fans Should Know

4. Cheerleader’s Confession

The foreign cheerleader’s complaint about the misbehaving audiences. They say its embarrassing for them to dance during the series. Also, they feel there is a discrimination between them and Indian girls.

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3. After Party Scenes

Party culture is a well-followed ritual after the IPL. This also brings in many controversies. The cheer girls complaint molestation cases on a few players. Also, two players attended a rave party. They also took drugs illegally.

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