5 Defining Traits & Qualities Of Being A Mikaelson

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Mikaelson, it’s a name that trembled many, it struck fear in the hearts of many for centuries. Their stories became legends which stood the test of time. Their eternal vow of ‘Always and Forever’ inspired countess souls. The Mikaelsons have walked this planet for almost a thousand years and have been a part of most of the significant events that have taken place. The Mikaelsons have seen the mighty fall. Many viewed them as monsters, the ghastly creatures who lurk in the shadows and should be avoided. The evidence of their presence is dispersed throughout the history. Their chaos and destruction ruined lives and destroyed everything that stood in their path. Being a Mikaelson is both a blessing and curse. While being associated with a powerful and invincible family such as the Mikaelsons bestows one with great power and potential, but it also makes one a target.

So Take A Look At 5 Defining Traits & Qualities Of Being A Mikaelson


5 Defining Traits & Qualities Of Being A Mikaelson
The CW

When you are a Mikaelson, you choose family above everything else. You are bound to the vow of ‘Always and Forever’, whether you chose it or not, you are stuck with it. You can never turn your back on the family. And you have to make sacrifices, put aside your dreams, ambitions, and passions, you might even have to put your life on the line for your beloved ones. It is rightly said that you can always count on a Mikaelson to truth the other Mikaelson. Despite all their fights, conflicts, and issues, at the end of the day, a Mikaelson is always going to have the back of another Mikaelson. Even when Elijah was heartbroken over the death of Gia at the hands of Klaus and decided never to forgive Klaus, he still joined forces with his brother Klaus to fight the common enemy. Even Finn who fought against his siblings for most of his life and considered them to be monsters. But when the time came, he sacrificed himself to save Freya, and died surrounded by his siblings. So you have to put the family above your personal happiness.

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5 Defining Traits & Qualities Of Being A Mikaelson
The CW

A Mikaelson is also well known for their style. Whether it’s their amazing dressing sense or their unique mannerisms, it’s pretty easy to spot a Mikaelson among the crowd of the hundreds. All the Mikaelson siblings have a very specific and different personality, but you can easily identify the commonalities they all share. They all are cold and ruthless when it comes to dealing with their enemies, they have a style in disposing off their threats. Whether it’s ripping out the hearts or doing the ‘Power Pose’, the Mikaelsons are very distinguishable.


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