5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of The Vampire Diaries


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A lot goes into the filming of a scene. The production house spends a hefty amount in constructing large sets which plays a crucial role in the storytelling. The production crew ensures that all the safety mechanisms are in place and everything goes according to the plan. However, oftentimes, unforeseen circumstances can take place which could rarely result in a disaster. This is what happened with Vampire Diaries when the Covington, Georgia set of Mystic Grill caught fire which caused significant damage to the inside of the set. The Mystic Grill Set was caught up in fire when a truck crashed into an electrical pole. Luckily, no one was harmed on the set and it didn’t affect the filming of the show.


5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of Vampire Diaries
The CW

Even though it’s a fictional show, the storylines are born out of creativity and imagination. But oftentimes, art imitates life. Acting isn’t an easy job. These actors have to get into the skin of the character they play, they have to internalize their feelings and emotions, but at the same time they end up projecting their experiences and feelings into the character they play. Some scenes can become challenging due to their nature especially if they mimic or have similarities with real life. This was the case with Kat Graham who in an interview revealed how the scene of Grams’s demise in Season 1 was difficult for her. Unfortunately, the actress had buried her real granny a day prior to filming Grams’s death scene. The actress talked about the similarities between her real life and the journey of Bonnie. She said that playing Bonnie Bennett got her through some dark times.


5 Fascinating Behind The Scenes Facts Of Vampire Diaries
The CW

It is the writing or the script which plays a significant role in the success of a show. However, it’s not just the script that alone can make a show great, it’s the acting or the performance of the artists paired with the script which makes a show great. We have seen numerous moments in TV history which have been improvised or ad-libbed. Sometimes improvisations could make a scene or moment more successful than its actual script would have made. In the Season 5 finale episode ‘Home’, Damon and Bonnie are trapped on the Other Side which is beginning to collapse. Elena is unable to bear the loss of Damon, she has broken down and can be seen crying, begging Damon to not leave her. She is unable to see Damon who tries consoling her by saying ‘I don’t have a choice baby’. This is one of the most emotional moments in the TVD franchise. Later, we learned from Chris Grismer who directed the episode that the script didn’t use the word ‘Baby’. It was the creativity of Ian who decided to use this affectionate term.

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