5 Fascinating Facts About Crowley From Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Crowley made his Supernatural debut in Season 5 and has been a crucial part of Supernatural since then. Although the motivation of Crowley has differed from time to time, from serving as a major antagonist to allying with the Winchesters and acting in a protagonist fashion, he has surely experienced good character transformation. Crowley became one of the important characters after the boys and Castiel, even being promoted to a regular in season 8.

So Take A Look At 5 Fascinating Facts About Crowley From Supernatural


5 Fascinating Facts About Crowley From Supernatural
The CW

We learned that Crowley’s mother is Rowena. But Rowena hates Crowley for a couple of reasons. One is that Crowley reminded her of the past when she was weak and fragile which she never wants to be reminded of again. Secondly, the father of Crowley cheated on her and left her. This prevents her from loving Crowley. But later we see that she was heartbroken over the demise of Crowley and even tried bringing him back. Even Crowley was antagonistic towards her mother Rowena, never trusting her, but however, in the end, it changed.  In the episode ‘Family Feud’, Gavin reveals to Rowena that Crowley met his end by drinking ultimately. Both Rowena and Crowley met their demise in a similar fashion, by sacrificing themselves for the greater good and bidding goodbye to Sam & Dean.

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5 Fascinating Facts About Crowley From Supernatural
The CW

Mark Sheppard in an interview revealed that Crowley’s demise was originally planned in the episode ‘Who We Are’, the penultimate episode of Season 12. But it eventually happened in the finale episode. Mark Sheppard was disappointed with the direction his character had taken in the season. There was nothing in store for Crowley and even his demise happened in such an uncharacteristic fashion. It didn’t even make any sense. Crowley’s sacrifice to prevent Lucifer from winning all went in vain when Lucifer managed to escape the rift and ended up harming Castiel in the final moments of the episode. In the final episode, Crowley had a line ‘I win even when I lost’ which he would say to Lucifer, but that line was eventually removed along with the extra dialogue his character had. This frustrated Mark greatly. He made it clear that he would never return to Supernatural and he eventually didn’t. Many fans wished to see Crowley again, but the actor had made up his mind to cut all ties.


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