5 Fascinating Facts About Sam Winchester From Supernatural

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sam Winchester is the titular character of Supernatural along with Dean Winchester. Both the brothers are hunters who have been raised in the Supernatural World by their dad John. Both the brothers are meant to be the vessels of the archangels and fight that would result in an apocalypse. Throughout the show, both the Winchesters battled various sorts of antagonists and even sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

So Take A Look At 5 Fascinating Facts About Sam Winchester From Supernatural


5 Fascinating Facts About Sam Winchester From Supernatural
The CW

Being a Winchester means having close encounters with death. Sam Winchester has met his demise plenty of times but somehow managed to be resurrected. After his first demise, we witnessed a change in the demeanor of Sam Winchester. His personality and change in nature could be attributed to its resurrection when Dean struck a deal with a crossroad demon. Azazel even hinted about the fact that the one who came back isn’t entirely Sam. What Azazel hinted at is the fact that resurrection sometimes results in a person coming back differently or wrongly. Although Sam returned with his soul intact in Season 2, he wasn’t 100% of what he was before. So Sam returned, but he returned with a specific violence and intensity which was pretty evident in the way he disposed of Jake. You can see the change in Sam in the following seasons such as Sam being angrier in S3, more driven towards revenge, and even justifying the means in Season 4.

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5 Fascinating Facts About Sam Winchester From Supernatural
The CW

Did you know that it’s canon that Sam’s full name is Samuel Winchester. In Season 1 Episode 15 titled ‘The Benders’, when the Sheriff searches for Sam’s name in the computer database, it appears as Samuel Winchester. He is named Samuel which is after his grandfather and the legendary hunter Samuel Campbell. He dislikes the name Samuel but doesn’t seem to mind Rowena who always addresses him as Samuel. Apart from Sam, he is also called Sammy, but he prefers only Dean using the name Samy. In the Season 2 episode when the hunter Gordon Walker addressed him as Sammy, he didn’t appreciate it and made it clear that only Dean can call him Sammy. Did you know somebody on Reddit actually made a spreadsheet with the summary of how many times Dean has called Sammy throughout the fifteen seasons. What name do you prefer more for Sam; Sammy or Samuel? Let us know.


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