5 Heart Wrenching Facts About Kim Jong-Un You Didn’t Know!

Kim Jong-Un.
Some people don't like being famous and all they want to be infamous. Let's dive into personality of world's most infamous man Kim Jong-Un.

The cult of personality being famous is what many people aspire to be and having a name that is known to the world over is what everybody wants. But do you know, some people don’t like being famous and all they want to become is infamous. Today, we dive into the cult of personality of one of the world’s most infamous man Kim Jong-Un.

Here Are The Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Kim Jong-Un.

1. He Studied In Switzerland.

What’s in a name? whether it’s because of his father’s global notoriety was the kind of celebrity status he has in the political world, Kim Jong changed his name to Pak-Un with some reports saying it was unpopular, he was enrolled in Liebherr Feldstein hardly school in Bern, Switzerland. It was reported that when he registered at the school his records declared him at the son of an employee at the North Korean embassy and at the age of 17, it was reported that he left the school and returned to North Korea.

2. Love Is A Crime.

North Korea is well-known for laws that strictly prohibit things that can be freely enjoyed by the rest of the world and that includes pornography possessing, distributing or even viewing pornography can lead anyone under six feet hunter. His ex-girlfriend appeared in an exotic video true to the ruthlessness of his regime, he ordered his ex-girlfriend’s execution and forced her entire family to watch.

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3. Kim Jong Loves His Army.

The political elite and military officers are the North Korean government’s most favored citizens and being on the good set of their leader is quite important, so important that their lives are quite literally true to the fashion of his father Kim Jong-Il before him Kim to all begin a purge of officials in the Communist Party in the military almost immediately after becoming the country’s supreme commander, he began to purge many senior officials and he continues to do so like a habit and it doesn’t matter how high the position was how he’ll be eaten officially is despite any level of outspoken loyalty. Once you get on Kim Jong Un’s radar for the slightest suspicion of betrayal or disloyalty, you’re going to get in deep trouble. His Uncle John Sonntag a linking adviser in Kim John’s inner circle was suspected of treason and was immediately stripped of his office and later executed.

4. Kim Jong Is Very Powerful.

It’s all in the title and in 2013, Kim Jong-Un ranked 46th in Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people, being North Korea’s most revered and feared leader, when Kim Jong assumed power after the death of his father then he has held a number of elaborate titles and among these titles are chairman of the Workers Party of Korea chairman of the Central Military Commission, chairman of the National Defense Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army.

5. He Never Forgives Anyone, Not Even His Family.

It is a bad move to fall on disfavor of Kim Jong-Un and it’s his top government and military officials aren’t safe from purging neither are his relatives. Kim jong, the dictator’s older half-brother fell into the family’s bad side in when he was discovered to have traveled to Tokyo with a fake passport and went to Disneyland while there he was immediately exiled after that and ever since then, he has been outspoken about his displeasure with the North Korean government and often criticized his brother in February 13, the feud between the brothers reached its conclusion when two North Korean agents assassinated Kim Jong-Nam at a Malaysian Airport, an event that eerily plays out like a scene from a spy movie.

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