5 Hidden Details About The Vampire Diaries That You Missed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries concluded in 2017 after airing 171 episodes over a course of 8 Seasons. The show is followed by two spin-offs which also proved to be extremely successful. TVD is available on streaming platforms such as Netflix. While the passionate fans of the show have seen the show countless times, but still there are plenty of references, Easter Eggs, and hidden details that the fans must have surely missed.

So Take A Look At 5 Hidden Details About The Vampire Diaries That You Missed


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In Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 5, there’s a scene where Enzo is speaking to Valerie over the phone. Enzo warns Valerie to move on as Lily and company are after her. He further says that Lily might have tracked Julian or some Heretic ‘Malarkey’. Now the word ‘Malarkey’ means nonsense or rubbish. But what makes this interesting is the word has been spoken by Enzo and the character of Enzo is played by the actor Michael Malarkey. It’s kinda hilarious that the actor using the word which is also his last name.

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While the central characters of Vampire Diaries are mostly vampires, but other supernatural creatures such as witches and werewolves have also played a significant role in the storylines. Tyler Lockwood is one such supporting character who was a part of the Mystic Falls Gang. He activated his werewolf curse in S2E “MASQUERADE” when he accidentally ends up killing a girl named Sarah at the ball. Even though he became a werewolf much later, but there were numerous signs which hinted towards his ultimate fate. Also, we were introduced to a few other werewolves pretty early in Season 2.

In S2 Episode ‘The Return’, Mason Lockwood, uncle of Tyler arrives in Mystic Falls to attend the funeral of Richard. Tyler greets his uncle with the words ‘so the BLACK SHEEP returns’. Now this is clearly a subtle reference to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In the same episode, Tyler becomes enraged and ends up breaking his father’s pictures and tries attacking his mother. But Mason knocks him down. Tyler is confused and wonders why he became enraged so easily. Mason responds saying that it’s the LOCKWOOD Curse.


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