5 Historical Moments Of The CW’s Supernatural


The CW

You know a show has really made it when you have fanbase who are crazily passionate for the show and go beyond limits to express their love for the show. Today the Supernatural fandom is well known for its creative expression in the form of fan fictions, YouTube edits, memes, fan pages, and lot more. Even the show has referenced the fan fiction and romantic pairings of the characters created by the fans several times. Today, there are grand fan conventions which are held everywhere in different parts of the world. But did you know that it all started in the year 2006. The very first Supernatural fan convention was held in Nashville, Tennessee in the month of October 2006. Then the next one was held in the city of London in May 2007. Soon it would spread to different parts of the world. The cast and crew would also make appearances at these conventions where they would interact joyfully with the fans. This started a culture, a community, and a family which is only getting stronger and bigger.

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5 Historical Moments Of The CW's Supernatural
The CW

Did you know that the pilot episode of the Supernatural was watched by a total number of 5.69 Million Viewers. Such an enormous viewership convinced the WB to pick up Supernatural for a complete season. Many people might not know this, but WB made the pilot episode accessible on the YAHOO! Platform a week prior to its TV debut. This was done in order to promote the show. The season 2 of the show aired on CW, CW is the successor of the WB Network. After airing on CW, the episodes of the show were made available on Apple’s iTune Store making it is the first CW show to be aired on the streaming network. When Amazon launched its streaming network which would later become popularly known as ‘Prime’. Supernatural was one of the first shows to be available on the network. In the past, Supernatural has also been available on Xbox Live Marketplace and Australia’s Network Ten where the episodes were available to be viewed.


The CW

Supernatural has aired a total number of 320 episodes. Even though nearly every episode is entertaining, some have served as the fillers, but there are some episodes which are quite memorable for its unique storyline, comic moments, the crossover, and guest appearances.

  • Changing Channels is an episode from Season 5 where the Winchesters find themselves trapped in a TV show Universe by the Trickster who turns out to be Gabriel.
  • Swan Song is the Season 5 finale where the boys manage to prevent the apocalypse, but it incurs a huge cost. Many rank this as one of the best episodes of all time.
  • Lazarus Rising is the premier episode of Season 4 and it marked the debut of Castiel.
  • Scoobynatural is Season 13 episode and it involves the crossover between Supernatural and Scooby-Doo.
  • Mystery Spot Episode is an unforgettable episode from Season 3 which sees Sam Winchester experiencing the same day over and over.
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