5 Hottest Female Teachers In The World!

Hot teachers
These teachers are really hot.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys and today we are talking about very hot teachers because education is an important topic to discuss. In this age of social media, things get viral in very short period of time. When I was at school, there were no teachers like these and I now regret this. If you google hot teachers, you get a lot of hot teachers that have done some very questionable things. But we will not be including any of those on the list and will only talk about attractive  teachers who are very hot for their job.

Let’s Take A Look At The List Of 6 Hottest Female Teachers In The World 

5. Lee Nayeong

This lady is frequently referred to as the most beautiful teacher in Korea. She has often been hailed as the best face in Korea. The South Korean Beauty participated in the Miss Korea before taking up a role as a high school teacher at an all-boys school. I bet she teaches do not mind a detention or two boys there. The 31 year old looks a lot younger than she is which must be very confusing.

4. Gemma Laird

British teacher 22 year old Gemma Laird was fired from her role as a teaching assistant at a primary school in County Durham. All was going well till the school found out that she was the face of Lexy fashions. As part of the modeling work, Gemma wore underwear in a shoot which the school thought to be inappropriate. Gemma said that she was picked out of a pool of eight and the school did already know that she’s doing some modeling work. She also said that her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts were private but somebody had found the lingerie pictures and reported them to the school anyway. She is undeniably beautiful which shouldn’t be a reason for being fired especially when that was her past.

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3. Jessica Vanessa

It has been two years since kindergarten teacher Jessica Vanessa gave up her job to twerk for a living. Her controversial six second butt shaking videos became pretty popular and Jessica who now has 2.8 million followers on vine was given the opportunity to travel as a brand ambassador. The kindergarten would not let her have time off so she quit. In an interview of Cosmopolitan, Jessica spoke about the kids she worked with and said all I did was clean butts, swiped noses and give them snacks.

 2. Patrice Browne

In September 2016, 4th grade teacher Patrice brown sparked a hashtag Teacher BAE in which the Atlanta teacher looking as an absolute beauty. The curvy ladies outfits have caused a bit of controversy with some criticizing her for wearing clothes that were very tight and exposing. To be honest, they aren’t that revealing as her chest is covered and the length of her clothes is appropriate. She can’t help having curves but she’s obviously a great teacher as she is seen with a teacher of the Month award.

1. Oksana Neveselaeya

Oksana is a maths teacher from Russia who found fame after a student posted a video online of her teaching a lesson. She teaches in Russian and we can see her wearing a fitted grey dress and gladiator style sandals. If you thought she was attractive in that video, wait till you see her Instagram. Oksana has almost 200 followers to which she regularly post pictures of herself in a bikini.

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