5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. There is not a single show that has not made a writing mistake or is not devoid of any inconsistency. Supernatural is no exception, the show has a vast universe which comprises of Supernatural beings of all sorts. Therefore the writing has to be perfect, but its not possible for the writers to keep a track of everything. Often times, due to the change in the storylines, the lore is also changed.

So Take A Look At 5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense


The CW

In Season 1 Episode ‘Dean Man’s Blood’, John and the boys team up and fight against a dangerous enemy in the form of vampires. There’s a scene where John tells the boys that he thought the vampires were extinct. Sam and Dean ask reveal how John never mentioned the vampires to be them. It doesn’t make sense as he raised the boys into the hunting life so he should have told them everything he knew about the different sorts of creatures he hunted. Also, there’s a hunter Samuel Elkins who specializes in hunting the vampires.

5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense
The CW

Now it doesn’t make sense if the vampires were already extinct. Now even if John believed that Elkins along with other hunters had wiped out the vampires, he should know there are hundreds of countries where Vampires could still be alive. Interestingly, in Season 2, Vampires are suddenly a common occurrence, the boys even run into Gordon Walker who is also a vampire hunter. Another interesting thing is when John and boys crash the nest of the vampires, they are able to sneak in without being noticed. Whereas in Season 3, we learn that a vampire can easily hear the heartbeat of a person from miles away.

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5 Inconsistencies In Supernatural That Make No Sense

Season 1 Episode ‘Phantom Traveler’ introduced a disaster demon. This episode is memorable for so many reasons because a lot of what we learned about demons in this episode was later changed or modified. This episode featured Dean using EMF meter to detect a demon. Later, we learn that demons aren’t detectable that way. Secondly, this episode along with the episode named ‘The Magnificent Seven’ are the only episode where the Sclera remains white and iris is black of the eyes of a demon. But in later episodes, the eyes of the demons are entirely colored.

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Also, this episode showed that Holy Water causes tissue damage to the host body which is possessed by the demon. However, that wasn’t the case in the later seasons. It is also the only instance where demon could possess a human by flying into their eyes. Later, the only way demon could take a hold of the vessel is by flying into the mouths of the humans. Also, we were told that demon can possess only those who are emotionally or physically vulnerable. However, that wasn’t the case in the later episodes, demon could possess anyone who doesn’t have the protection mark. Another demon inconsistency is the sulfer trace problem. Sam, Bobby, and John have been possessed by the demons, but the didn’t leave any sulfur trace behind.


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