5 Incredible Records In The Vampire Diaries Universe


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The most watched episode in the TVD Universe is the PILOT episode of the Vampire Diaries. It was this episode which started it all for us. The very first episode which introduced us to the world of TVD, we met our beloved Salvatores in this very episode. It’s no surprise that this episode gained a viewership of 4.9 Million viewers which is the highest for any episode out of all the three shows. Again, it would come as no surprise that Season 1 of the Vampire Diaries is the highest watched season out of all the three shows. The Season 1 averaged a viewership of 3.66 million viewers which is nothing short of impressive.


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In the TVD Universe, death isn’t permanent for some characters. While there are certain characters who never returned back to the living after meeting their tragic fate. Even though vampires are technically dead and yet they are alive, sounds complicated, right? Main characters such as Alaric, Bonnie, Damon have had several dates with the death, but they always managed to find their way back into the living. The character to have died most number of times is Stefan Salvatore, even though the exact count of his demises isn’t accurate, but we can certainly say that Stefan has died more than 8 times on the show.

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First, as a human, he died due to a gunshot at the hands of Giuseppe Salvatore. Then second time when his heart was extracted by Julian. He has been stabbed with the Phoenix Sword twice, once by Nora Hildegard and second time by the huntress Rayna Cruz. Stefan has been staked once with a wooden chair piece by Caroline and once with a wooden ornament by Damon. His elder brother Damon once extracted his heart. And his final death came when he sacrificed himself in the hellfire, taking down Katherine. However, not to forget his time in a safe, courtesy of Silas. When Silas tricked him, Stefan suffered for four months in which he starved and drowned at the bottom of the Quarry. He would die several, but would come back to life thanks to his vampirism.

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